Road to Nowhere

Plymouth is a city with a dominant nautical heritage and a good mix of pubs.  I wandered around the backstreets looking for the Nowhere Inn, thinking how much I dislike stereotypes, when I bumped into a salty old seadog and asked the way.  He sucked on his clay pipe, tugged a beard yellowed by smoking 60 Capstan…… Continue reading Road to Nowhere

Belgrade Tales

  This blog is a bit different from most of the others as it is intended to give more of the flavour of the city of Beograd (Belgrade) than simply a review of the pubs. The beer scene in Serbia is, though, exciting and our trip to the outstanding Dogma Brewery was memorable (see below). Known as the White…… Continue reading Belgrade Tales

Birra in Salerno

Salerno – a city of 320,000 – doesn’t get much of a write up in the guide books. It is described as “gritty” which is the Lonely Planet equivalent of CAMRA’s “basic” aka dog rough. In fact whilst it was badly damaged in 1943, Salerno has a beautiful old town, one of the finest medieval…… Continue reading Birra in Salerno