Stoke goes Craft

Stoke-on-Trent, to use its Sunday best name, is not the sort of place to do twirls in a frock. But in the name of Pansy Potter, it’s superb for beer. This year’s Good Beer Guide has two newcomers plus one in adjacent Newcastle-under-Lyme, whose offering is Weller’s, a tap for Weal Ales. Named after the…… Continue reading Stoke goes Craft

Blue John, Manchester Fest and Fred Dibnah

I don’t go to many beer festivals but Manchester is one of the best. Held in the restored Manchester Central Station, the experience was enhanced by attending a beers from the wood tasting session where we were expertly guided by Roger Protz.  It is well covered here – It was a pleasure to meet Chris…… Continue reading Blue John, Manchester Fest and Fred Dibnah