Filling the Cumberland Gap

  Following the successful raid on Ulverston it was off into Cumberland proper to finish off the 2017 Guide Cumbria requirements. When skiffle supremo Lonnie Donegan recorded Cumberland Gap he probably wasn’t thinking of that. But, uncannily, he did predict a key item on the Wetherspoons menu with his ‘Ham ‘N’ Eggs’ b-side to ‘Jack O’Diamonds’. That…… Continue reading Filling the Cumberland Gap

Tees for Two

  Good Beer Guide pub hunters have rarely been detained for very long in that part of Teesside that straddles County Durham and North Yorkshire, the largely post-industrial sprawl around Billingham and Middlesbrough.   The 2017 edition, though, offers two micropubs, one in each town. En route there was a chance to visit the Half Moon,…… Continue reading Tees for Two

London Galling

When I finally completed the 2015 Good Beer Guide in-year (the 2013 and 2014 Guides having seen belated finishes) a friend congratulated me on a “spectacular non-achievement”. In many ways he was right of course, despite having aided the mission himself by some herculean driving efforts.   Though at least those of us who do this…… Continue reading London Galling