45 Minutes in Stockport

How best to spend 45 minutes in Stockport? There are numerous options.

(a) Watch half a Stockport County match. Enjoyed going there several times but not an option, this was a Tuesday afternoon.

(b) Go to Robinson’s Brewery Visitor Centre. Done that and it’s time well spent. I also like the way the brewery is so central and visible from lots of different vantage points.

(c) Enjoy some fine dining at Where the Light Gets In. We’ve been there too but not an option today.

It’s up there.

(d) Visit the Air Raid Shelters, a mile of underground tunnels. Sounded good but you had to book.

(e) Visit the Hat Works, celebrating Stockport’s history of hat making. A top treat for all you headgear fans by all accounts but currently closed for refurbishment.

(f) Book an appointment with Pub Curmudgeon at the Boar’s Head. Not possible as he was in seven days mourning for the death of the pub cat.

(g) There is no (g) due to supply chain issues.

(h) Visit a pub. Ah go on then, particularly as the Good Beer Guide listed Angel was the primary reason for visiting. You knew it would come to this. There it is, the white building behind the rather marvellous Market Hall. It looked the part but in truth my Howard Brewery Wren’s Nest was a little disappointing.

(i) Visit another pub. For some unaccountable reason I didn’t get to the Queen’s Head when it was in the 2010 Guide so why not? It’s on the lower level of Stockport’s superb split level town centre.

And it’s a delightful multi-roomed Sam Smith’s pub. The OBB was served a little cold for my palate and I didn’t get that big rich, fruity hit but the interior dark wood and bench seating made for a warming experience.

(j) Visit another pub. Just one more then. Project 53, a Mobberley Brewhouse bar. My half was a 4% bitter called 1924, one of three cask on the pumps. It has several more crafty ones and styles itself as a craft beer and pizza bar.

Why 45 minutes? That’s how long was left on the parking ticket a kind local passed on to us when we were struggling to read the microscopic tariff on the machine.

Nonetheless, 45 minutes well spent don’t you think?

12 thoughts on “45 Minutes in Stockport

  1. The OBB was freezing cold in Nellies in Beverley the other week. Had to put it on the table in the sun in the beer yard to warm it up a bit. :-))

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  2. Well spent. I can’t think of another English town with so much character that one never hears about other than on beer blogs. Classic day trip in my opinion. Even better for five nights…

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      1. There is a haunting feeling in Stockport after dark. Kind of a magical feeling. Very real. A very English mood in a darkened city or town.

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  3. Definitely i), visit the Queen’s Head and risk verbal abuse and a life-time ban from Sam Smiths pubs for taking (great) photos.

    Personally I think Stockport went downhill after the Spread Eagle, Tiviot and Winters closed and it started attracting the foodies but I warmed to it more after it started attracting the foodies.

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