A Pub with No Beer

A Pub with no Beer was the title of a song borrowed by the Dubliners in 1967. For a while recently there was plenty of beer with no pubs, as 3 million casks and kegs of beer had to be poured away after passing their sell by date.

The Dubliners were, of course, an Irish (no, really) folk band whose discography spanned fifty years. The title picture seems appropriate for these times, especially as ‘at home’ looks suspiciously like a pub.

Wikipedia remarks that The Dubliners secured airplay from Radio Caroline, whose founder fellow Irishman Ronan O’Rahilly died very recently. His plan to buy an old Danish ferry to use as a pirate radio station, broadcasting off the Essex coast, was a glorious success, if not always a comfortable experience for land loving DJ’s.

Pic: Irish Times

When cycling the Danish leg of the North Sea Cycle Route, my pal Keith and I ended up in a bar on the north coast. It was run by an Englishman who turned out to be a former Radio Caroline DJ. His name escapes me. I think it might have been Chris though it wasn’t Chris Denning, who moved to Radio One and had a prolific career as a paedophile. As dusk approached he said “you have to go now” and when asked why said “you can’t miss the sunset”. We sat on the dunes and sure enough it was magnificent.

Wherever you are I hope lockdown is tolerable for you. For some it has been an alcoholiday with no end in sight. You may have heard by now that several of us Good Beer Guide tickers have been furloughed and can only access 80% of our puns.

If only Chas was still alive, he and Dave could have produced a lockdown pub songs special to perform down the virtual Rub-a-Dub with a pint of Gary Glitter. ‘There’s no Tavern in the Town’ would obviously be the single off the album.

Chas n Dave or is it Dave n Chas

The Scottish Government has advised use of face masks outside to inhibit the risk of saliva transmitting Covid-19 but as a well known Man of the Fens said, you can’t drink beer through a mask. Unless it’s brewed by Facer’s, obviously.

Though hang on a minute, it could work.

Pic: Findery

It’s going to be a different world when pubs are eventually permitted to reopen. In the spirit of the times I am taking bookings for a weekend course on Advanced Social Distancing to be held at a remote and inaccessible location in the far north. Highland dress only. If we all wear midge nets we can have a beer too.

8 thoughts on “A Pub with No Beer

  1. Please can I book on the Advanced Social Distancing weekend course. Hopefully it will be walkable from Altnabreac station in an hour or so. I don’t own a highland dress so I will go with the best alternative I can come up with. Do you supply the midge net?

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    1. Congratulations Tom. You are the first booking so will receive a complimentary midge net, though you will see from the terms and conditions that it may not be the one illustrated. I note your request re location but I am afraid this is strictly confidential at this stage, but am sure you will not be disappointed.

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  2. I’m annoyed Tom is first in. Was the release of this post not leaked by the Daily Mirror this morning ?

    Definitely one of your best, even if your cultural reference copies mine in coming from 1967.

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    1. I can still reserve you a place on the ASD course but obviously not on the same favourable terms as Tom. Only shared accommodation left so may have to put you in with BRAPA.


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