Hull: Yorkshire’s new Capital Of Beer

It’s official. Step aside overcrowded York. Tanks off the lawn superior Leeds. You’re getting tired Sheffield. I can announce Hull as Yorkshire’s beer capital of 2019 and hope the city gives this award as much publicity as when it won the UK City of Culture 2017. Or should that be pub-licity. Even writing their PR for them now.

Hull has undergone a startling transformation. It’s always had that ambitious and distinctive Hull Brewery architecture. The pictured porcelain bar in the White Hart is one of 14 that survive in the country and another of those is also in Hull. Crafty Little Brewery re-opened this fabulous building six years after it closed. The 1904 frontage is rather marvellous too.

And now the city has a range of thrusting newcomers with bleeding edge cask and craft beers like Atom Brewery Tap and Taphouse.

People in Hull used to spend their leisure time in places like this:

Now they spend it in places like this:


And er….this:

The two taps are pretty spectacular. Atom had 4 on cask though it wasn’t easy to tell that from the boards – the four handpumps are at the end of the bar. I had their Gamma here and Shrodinger’s Cat in The Old House and both were on top form.

The Taphouse had more women drinking the beers than men on a busy Friday night. Two breweries are based here- Yorkshire Brew and the excellent Bone Machine. I stayed for three halves (almost unheard of) which is testament to the quality.

Not all of Hull’s booming Old Town was up to that standard. It was vinegar in the Sailmaker’s and the Cathead Toffee Nut Stout was sharp in Fretwell’s. But there is more than enough of the good stuff to pick from.

If you want to see a pictorial history of Hull’s public toilets – and who wouldn’t – go to

This gas lit, cast iron beauty was in Drypool Green.

And finally for those of you who have commented previously on my lack of activity in the transfer window, I swooped on deadline day to sign two key players from BRAPA’s blog. He didn’t want to let either his father Bernard or Christine go but money talks. I threw in some moths as a sweetener. Either way their company (and pals) before Hull 2 Reading 1 was most enjoyable and they will be good additions to the squad.

Simon’s own attempt to sign Madame Luna in part exchange fell through when he couldn’t meet my valuation. That will cost him a few pubs in the new Good Beer Guide season.

8 thoughts on “Hull: Yorkshire’s new Capital Of Beer

    1. Taphouse has, I think, only been opened 4 months. Fretwell’s is newish too and owned by the same guy who has Walters, Lion & Key. Around Scale Lane every pub seems to have cask and the new openings all seem to have it. Opposite trend at home.


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