Riding East Again

Two visits to Hull in six months is one more than the annual average but the Good Beer Guide likes to keep you in your toes and put a few new entries in East Yorkshire (formerly East Riding, formerly unloved Humberside).

The trip was sandwiched around Hull v Reading. A 0-0 draw where, to paraphrase a famous review of Waiting for Godot, nothing happened twice.

Before the game it was off to the corner of the Yorkshire Coast that seems to take forever to reach from Hull.

I love fading seaside resorts and don’t think it’s unfair to cast Withernsea in that light. The Old Boat Shed is, you’ve guessed, a micropub in an old boat shed, built as a lifeboat station in 1881. It is a good space for this purpose, run by an ex-policeman and his partner, who served up a good quality glass of Great Newsome Liquorice Lads Stout (4.3%). His recollections of policing Reading matches in the 1980’s were not fond.

I am also a sucker for an inland lighthouse. This one was built 400 metres inland for fear of erosion and can just be seen peeping out behind The Butterfly.

About 5 miles away the Coach and Horses in Welwick, down towards the magnificent but disappearing Spurn Head, also had a decent Great Newsome beer on. This time it was Sleck Dust (3.8%), an ideal pale lunchtime beer. When the landlord was renovating the pub he found this 1948 Christmas Day edition of the News of the World.

There is a well regarded micropub in Thorgumbald that wasn’t open at lunchtime. It is therefore guaranteed to get into the 2019 Guide.

After the match we stayed overnight in Beverley, going via the Lord Nelson, an estate pub in Hull where there were two handpumps in the bar but nothing being served from them. An icy half of John Smith’s had to suffice, so cold it took ages to drink. At least it gave plenty of time to admire a large selection of rugby league shirts on the ceiling.

Beverley had its own new entry – the busy Monk’s Walk – which had bars on either side of the sort of passage that characterises this lovely town. I had an Atom Blonde (4%) from a brewery in Hull. This street would be my address of choice.

You just need to keep looking up in Beverley.

6 thoughts on “Riding East Again

    1. Love it there too. It’s actually two trips to Hull this year but felt like three! Simon told me about Furley’s and Hed’on Inn so I had done them (both good) in advance plus a few that did not appear. Guessing your pint of the day after the Crown was at the fabulous Holly Bush?

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