A Blog and a Nog in Norfolk

The tour of East Anglia – or East Angular as a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother once called it – continued in Norfolk, where at least there were still some Good Beer Guide ticks to score.

First stop was the Black Lion in Little Walsingham, a village whose place in the history books was assured following an apparition of the Virgin Mary in 1061.

Now a place of pilgrimage, it is an extraordinary collection of churches and shrine shops. It seemed appropriate to start the day with a glass of Adnams Ghost Ship (4.5), a personal favourite.

The now closed Oxford Stores looked like it would have been worth a visit

The Buck at Horningham is a Lacons house that sold a very fine Encore (3.8), a fruity Bitter from a brewery that I enjoy when in this part of the country. The food was superb here.

The Buck has five lodges, each named after a different Lacons beer and a butterfly rich garden.

The Ship at South Walsham dates from 1789 but has a striking and somewhat incongruous modern sign that resembles a wheelie bin at first glance.

The beer was decent here though – think that's where I had the Norfolk Nog but my retrospective note taking might mean I am mistaken.

There were two more targets for the day but disaster struck in Great Yarmouth where the Tombstone Saloon now doesn't open Monday- Wednesday (this was a Monday).

An epic fail and it was off to the Dock Tavern, Gorleston. If there is a better pub in which to lick your wounds, I haven't found it. The sight of two mobility scooters outside (a better indicator of quality than Cask Marque) immediately lifted the spirits.

The place was heaving at about 5pm with card games being played, a boisterously friendly welcome and six beers all contributing to the good cheer. Unexpectedly there was table service. Even more unexpected it was me that provided it – to the card players to help ease congestion at the bar. The Humpty Dumpty Little Sharpie (3.8) from nearby Reedham drank well too.

Next stop Norwich and a two day wait for the Tombstone Saloon.


2 thoughts on “A Blog and a Nog in Norfolk

  1. Lovely stuff, even in Norfolk. Great photos, Oxford Stores particularly compelling.

    Mon-Wed closures the next norm. The folk I saw in there looked liked they’d have bern there all day, 7 days given a chance. Pubs ain’t what they used yo be.


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