To ‘Ull and Back (Part 2)

There is more to come on my travels down the English East coast but it would do Hull an injustice not to write up the rest of that particular day's sampling.

Hull is more Michelin tyre than Michelin star despite a growing food scene. The Omelette is clearly seeking to change that with its egg based cuisine.

But the redeveloped waterfront and nearby Old Town are well worth exploring with the promise of beer. The Mission- housed in a magnificent old seamen's mission- shuts at 5pm midweek and offers a solitary Old Mill Bitter from Snaith. But at weekends it apparently sells an optic of vodka every ten minutes, hence the 15 optics around the bar.

The Head of Steam is not really like its namesakes and nowhere near the wonderfully named station (Hull Paragon) but dispensed competent enough beers from Wild Brewery and Roosters (Londonium coffee Porter 4.5%). Are Rooster's beers not as hoppy as they used to be or has my palate changed as US hopped beers have become widely available?

The Kingston sold Marston's 61 Deep and Old Empire – the former to a less than satisfactory standard.

But two pubs came up trumps. Our choices at Furley & Co were all excellent.

From the selection below we had Magic Rock Common Grounds Triple Coffee Porter (5.4%); Yorkshire Blackjack Blackberry Stout (4.5%); and the North Riding US Light Ale (3.5%).

After a brief interlude at Burlington's – rough as a badger's wotsit but an ok glass of Theakston's Tour de Wot? (4%) – we went to Chilli Devils, reportedly run by someone who makes great chilli sauces. The food and beer were very good. I would report further if I could remember what they were or had written anything down but the day was turning into a more substantial session than planned.

At least the intake of beer numbed the experience of Hull City 0 FC Nantes 0 at Craven Park (Hull Kingston Rovers rugby ground). On the bus back we bumped into Erik, a Dutch friend who had flown over to tick the ground and who was getting a 06.00 flight to go to work the next day. His suggestion of a beer led us to return to the Hop and Vine to conclude a good day's scroting.


2 thoughts on “To ‘Ull and Back (Part 2)

  1. So much here, in a digestible volume too. Great stuff.

    I’m enjoying your honest beer quality reviews, and good to read about non-GBG places, a slippery slope there, Duncan. Good to see Furleys on form, it was I it’s teething stages when I visited early last year.

    Scroting ?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Martin. Called combining football and pubs scroting for years – it probably means nothing to anyone else or something quite different.

    On the slippery slope because there are previous few GBG pubs left – just repeated the same experience in Norwich though there were also 5 new ticks there. Heading north today – debating whether to go via Great Yarmouth!


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