Lund Calling

The last stop on the Swedish leg of our trip was to the lovely university town of Lund, near Malmo. The impressive cathedral provides a central focal point together with Lena Lervik’s SkyddsmantelMadonnan (2015). 

The boldness of the art is matched by this modern diocesan architecture.

Apart from a rather fine bakery the other attraction is the John Bull, an Abro Brewery pub that pursues a Scandinavian tradition of recreating English style pubs.  This trend has reversed in recent years as the craft beer bars popular in this part of the world have become familiar sights across many UK towns and cities. 

The John Bull had Fuller’s London Pride and ESB on hand pump, both served at a very low temperature that did not permit the beer to be tasted at its best. And yes that is Brain’s Welsh Black on the left of the picture.  These beers were popular choices on my visit at the usual premium prices. Fuller’s export to over 60 countries so there is clearly a  big international demand for their products.  

My visit was too brief to join in the bonhomie around the bar as a night across the bridge in Copenhagen beckoned with Martin Taylor, necessitating the arrangement of further bank loans on both our parts. 


6 thoughts on “Lund Calling

  1. Those are gorgeous photos, Duncan. Love that cathedral and Lena Lervik.

    Interesting perspective that we’re importing the craft beer bars from Scandinavia, but makes sense.
    Did you feel you HAD to have the Fullers in case it was nectar ?

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    1. Thanks. Lund is a beautiful town. The visit was very brief unfortunately. Thought the Fuller’s would be interesting to try in a different environment. Craft bars probably a more US influenced import than Northern Europe but I would say prevalent across both continents before going mainstream here (but then cask bars are overwhelmingly a UK thing). May skip Copenhagen blog as memories fading and you have skilfully and comprehensively covered it. Think there was only one pub I went into that you didn’t (Brewers Inc). Hull tomorrow- a micropub at Hedon on agenda along with yours and Simon’s anticipatory suggestions.

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      1. Hopefully Friday on way to groundhopping weekend in Lincs area. Need 29 in total and hope to do 25 by later next week, starting with revisits to Sutton-cum-Lound and Long Clawsen, both closed when last there. You?


      2. Good luck with those. At least the Long Clawson one is open !

        I have singles in Worcs (Hanley Broadheath), Herefords & Salop so might clear 3 counties in a day. Only just got past the % completion I was at last August before GBG17 came out !


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