Banned in Exeter

Exeter is a very pleasant city with some good pubs but the three new Good Beer Guide entries are a mixed bag.

Our visit to the New Inn at Cowley Bridge caught it a low ebb with only Rev James on tap and a messy post lunch environment. 
We had higher hopes for the Pig and Pickle, a micropub in the former Heavitree Post Office. 

But on this occasion their beers disappointed. The Ham 69 was described as “a spicy dark beer with a bitter edge” – an edge I found harsh – and an unremarkable Fat Pig Tiny Small Ale. 

The Beer Cellar, however, provided two of the best beers of the week, both new to me. The Crossed Anchors CSH (3.8%) was superb – it’s Sunday name is Cascade Smash Hopburst- very impressive from a brewery based in Exmouth. 

PowderKeg Farams Fault (4.7%) was also very good – pale and highly drinkable.  Another new beer to me from an Exeter brewery. Liverpool Organic Cascade was also on plus 8 ‘craught’ beers. 

The bar was run by a friendly woman from Minnesota. Customers included this dog whose indignant owners had been sent packing from another pub because of “barking and being menacing”.  Good job some customers don’t get judged by the same criteria, especially when demanding GBG pubs open at their published times. 

Devon has a very large allocation of Guide pubs, dozens of breweries and high prices. It is not uncommon to find cask beers at over £4 a pint. Specialist keg beers were even dearer.  It was £7.40 for 2/3 of a pint of Bad Co Satisfaction. 

If you are willing to pay these prices, you expect high quality beer and the Beer Cellar certainly provides that. 


8 thoughts on “Banned in Exeter

  1. A lovely use of words Duncan -“on this occasion their beers disappointed”. There’s still time for a career in politics if you’ve a spare £500. I’d vote for a “Reduce the Size of the GBG” candidate.


    1. Ha yes- a career spent writing reports for council committees. Also not fair to be harsher on a single short visit. You always also make every effort to be balanced – a relative rarity on social media.

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      1. A similar background in report writing, then. Some of my favourite pubs haven’t had the best beers, and the places I wouldn’t frequent still have an audience, even if it’s not my sort of audience.

        We’d be interested to hear your favoured pubs in a future post.

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  2. Some ideas that would interest at least one of your audience: favoured pubs, pubs with great locations, breweries that surprised you, side by side tastings with and without sparklers, areas that have unique pub characteristics, and unusual characteristics comparisons of pubs. Love the blog.

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